Coaching with Tudor Alexander

I believe we are all on a path of transformation. 


Whether it's through our work, relationships or life experiences, we are all in the search to find something greater. This journey takes many forms, and I genuinely believe that each person that comes into our path has a piece of the puzzle to share.

You're here now, so what piece can I help you with? 

As a performance coach, mentor and guide, I offer some unique ways to support your individual journey towards your best self.


My background as a professional athlete and entrepreneur has given me the discipline to be a valuable accountability partner and I've worked with countless clients over the last 15 years to empower, strengthen and set them free. 


Below are the coaching programs that are currently available, click to learn more information and register. 

If you have a general inquiry or question, don't hesitate to get in touch.

And don't forget the timeless lesson of our old friend the caterpillar: 


Bring timeless and valuable lessons of Stillness, mindset, personal growth and performance to your team or event with an interactive workshop that is unique, fun and customized for your needs.

Journey to An Open Heart  

This exciting, 30-Day program is designed to help you master appreciation, live a more abundant life and create powerful changes in your ongoing life practice and relationships. You will get materials, guidance and a new outlook on life in a short few weeks, plus the skills to maintain it for years to come. For anyone and may be done remotely.

Transform Your Life Through Dance 

Build a strong body and mind. Reclaim your sexy. Have fun and get challenged all in a safe and encouraging environment. For female clients who live in the metro Phoenix area. Click below to register with your introductory sessions and consultation.


Live a Dynamic Life Masterclass 

This is a 12 week program combining virtual (video) training and coaching. With over 25 hours of my best performance coaching advice, resources and coaching sessions to support you all wrapped up into a comprehensive training experience, you will learn to make powerful decisions, master your emotions and get focused to realize your dreams no matter what life throws at you.

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