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Alignment is everything. 


Here's a simple principle from movement that has changed my life:

When Alignment is present, movement is natural. 

What does that mean for your life? 

If your body is aligned, health comes naturally. 

If your mind is aligned, presence comes naturally. 

If your soul is aligned, purpose comes naturally. 

Too often we waste our time and money on chasing outcomes when Alignment is the real issue.


For example, you could try to lose weight or gain muscle all day - but if your gut health and diet are not aligned for maximum performance, you will just run into resistance and mediocre results. 

The same goes for any other area of your life. Learning all of the latest mindset and personal growth hacks won't do much if your skill at being present is lacking.


An aligned mind is ready to learn and create because it is free of distraction, obligation and negative thinking. 

Everything is connected to everything, and one misalignment can begin a complex series of reactions in your life that lead you to despair and frustration.


Understanding the principles of Alignment in all three areas - Body, Mind and Soul - is then the key for longterm Success.

What is "Alignment" coaching?


I have studied movement principles for over 15 years as a professional athlete, and during this career I've invested thousands of dollars and hours into biohacking my body, training my mind through personal growth books, events, coaching and experiences and actively developing my life purpose through a variety of powerful tools. 

Alignment coaching is the product of this life experience, and it is a comprehensive approach to the complex problems of our life. 

If you are anxious, sad or depressed - it is a combination of nutrition, mindset and spiritual fulfillment that will truly empower you longterm. 

There is no single solution to anything, because there is no single cause to anything

The same goes for your physical goals. If you want to lose weight, the real questions are: 

"How is your gut microbiome?"

"How is your relationship to food and eating?"

"How is your nervous system and stress level?" 

"How is your self-love practice?"

So on and so forth. 

Everything is multi-dimensional, and from a lengthy career of coaching people and pursuing my own transformation, I have put together a unique program that addresses this by empowering you with as many tools as possible.


My goal is that you will not only create your result, but also sustain it whether you continue working with me or not. 

Workshop at a local doctor's retreat in Arizona. Had a blast talking about mindfulness and Alignment with all of these wonderful healers.

What's the Program?


My program is called the "Align Your Life Challenge" and it consists of 4 calls over 30 days. We set goals that are realistic and achievable, with accountability and homework in between. 


You will have access to me via email for support during the challenge, and we can continue working together monthly afterward if it is in Alignment with your plan.


Regardless of what happens, my goal is to give you as much value as possible in these 30 days so that you not only reach your goals but have the tools to create longterm Success.


Currently all of my spots are full for this program. I am looking to expand it in the coming months and it will be available again soon. If you are interested and want to get in touch, be put on a waiting list or have questions, please simply send me an email.

To your Alignment,

DISCLAIMER: Coaching services are provided to you as educational training, with the understanding that you will consult your doctor or health team before beginning any new exercise, diet or supplementation routine. Recommendations are made based on experience and research, but are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Furthermore, results are not guaranteed as everyone's situation is different. 

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