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Immune Health Top Picks

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Whole Food C

Highly bioavailable food-based vitamin C chewables, sourced from acerola cherries. Affordable and something everyone should have in their cabinet these days.


Nitric Oxide Chewables

One of my favorites. Research has shown that nitric oxide can inhibit viral replication (like the flu), and this unique formulation can bring your levels up quickly and reliably.


Natural Anti-Virals

A great product for intermittent use during an acute situation to support the immune system with several powerful ingredients.


Liquid Oxygen

A unique product designed to promote oxygen levels through a liquid, compressed oxygen formula delivering a whopping 35% oxygen concentration.



Iodine has shown in the research to inactivate viruses at a concentration of 1 part per million. Generally about 50mg of iodine will provide that concentration. This product also has trace minerals selenium and molybdenum as chelates for detoxification.


Methylated B Complex

B vitamins are critical for metabolism, energy and immune health. This formulation incorporates the methylated versions of B9 and B12 along with a whole food base.


Chelated Zinc

The most bioavailable form with added enzymes for processing. Zinc is one of the critical ingredients for immune health both preventatively and during an acute situation.


Mushroom Complex

A diverse complex of the most powerful and research-based mushrooms for supporting immune health.



Although used for weight loss, CLA has actually been shown in some studies to inhibit viral replication along with the other fatty acids.


Natural "Z Pak"

My go-to for emergencies, like the flu, at the first sign of symptoms. Many powerful ingredients and a great product to have around the house.


Algae EFAs

EFAs are needed building blocks for repairing your cells, and they also inhibit viral replication. EFAs sourced from algae are the most bioavailable, and this product respects important ratios.


D-A-K Supplement

Vitamin D is another critical nutrient for immune health, but requires vitamins A and K to work properly. This product provides all 3.


High-Dose Probiotic

Immunity begins in the gut. This is a high-dose probiotic providing 1 trillion CFU per pak and useful for intermittent use to reboot the gut.

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The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to be considered medical advice or diagnosis for any condition. Proper consultation with your doctor or health team is advised before beginning any new supplementation program. 

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