Following a crazy period of challenges and change, Jesus opened my eyes and saved me with His free gift of salvation in the summer of 2021.

Today I do my best to walk that path, inspire others to see the Truth and connect with like-minded believers so we can strengthen the Body of Christ. 


The good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more important than ever right now, and it is crucial to arm our minds and hearts with its Truth because the world is full of lies and deceptions - and because the end is also very near.

My goal with this page is to provide resources for Christians and those wanting to learn. I do not advocate a particular religion because Christianity is about following Jesus and not about what church you go to - however I do believe that the bible is the ultimate source of truth on learning who God is, learning who Jesus is and understanding everything we need theologically.


I hope to empower believers and also provide resources for those on the fence who are struggling, like I did, with finding freedom by following the world's advice instead of God's.

Below are various topics of interest with valuable content I have found over my own journey, and I will be updating this section regularly.


Any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Atheism & Creation Cosmology

Morality & Relativism