Principles for a Dynamic Life Masterclass

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Welcome to a new perspective on your performance.

I've downloaded over 15 years of my best coaching and performance strategies into an exclusive Masterclass designed to empower you with the tools to live a Dynamic Life no matter what your challenges, and now it's available to you at an unprecedented tuition as an Early Phase Adopter. 

Watch the brief training below:

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So, here's an honest question for you...


How much time, money and energy have you already wasted on the following when it shows up in your life, business and relationships: 

Overwhelming Details

Getting constantly caught up, distracted and obsessed over information that doesn't actually matter to you or make a real impact on your dreams.


Negative Emotions

Being unable to see clearly through what you feel and becoming crippled by your anxiety, guilt, shame, fear or self-doubt.


Uncontrollable Change

When loss, betrayal, burnout or stagnation hit your life it derails your vision, motivation and direction - leaving you confused, hopeless and without a clue as to what to do next.


What if I told you that I've created a powerful, engaging program that takes over 15 years of my best performance and life strategies coaching and wraps it up into a comprehensive solution to empower you against ALL of these obstacles?


After graduating this program, you'll be able to:

  • ​​​Make powerful decisions in your business, life and relationships consistently and confidently 

  • Stop wasting energy on negative emotions and unproductive situations, returning to action and clarity 

  • Get organized, focused and disciplined to pursue and fulfill on all of your goals despite regular setbacks 

  • ​Empower yourself to continually reproduce success and happiness no matter what your challenges

Like I said, this Masterclass will give you some of the best coaching of my entire career right now and I promise you that I will NOT be holding back:


  • ​​​50+ modules with over 25 hours of expert, high energy coaching on areas like success, relationships and self-mastery

  • 130+ life lessons outlined in bullet-by-bullet format and delivered in a dynamic and fun learning environment

  • 40+ ​engaging, video reflection sessions and a dedicated self-reflection guide for each lesson

  • A personalized action plan with exclusive coaching resources to help you craft a vision and take massive action

  • Discounted Lifetime Access to the upcoming Dynamic Life Mastermind in 2020 for all Early Phase Adopters

  • Exclusive Bonus Content and additional perks like my personal "mind-blow" reading list and special resources

  • ....and much, much more

I'm interested, how much is the Masterclass?

Right now the full tuition for this course is $649.99 and even that is a bargain for how much value I've packed into it: you remember that crazy thing I said I was going to do back up in the video training? 


(If you missed it then here it is...)


I've decided that I'm going to part ways with thousands of dollars and hours worth of my life experience for only $197.


(That's over 70% Off tuition and just one third the price of a single college credit hour btw...)




Because I genuinely want to make a difference in your life (as cheesy as that may sound) and saving 70% on that difference is a decent motivator. 

So, if you're still here and you've read this far then there is something in this course for you and we both know it.


It's time to act on what calls you and make a powerful difference in your life. 


Click below to register as an Early Phase Adopter and learn what it means to live a Dynamic Life today.


I share this with love and can't wait to see you in class.

Meet Your Instructor

Tudor Alexander is an author, entrepreneur and professional athlete. He has been a performance coach for over 10 years in the world of competitive ballroom dancing and hosts the self-development podcast, The Dance of Life. 


Tudor coaches people to be their best on stage and in life through high-performance dance training integrated with personal growth principles. 


Tudor also writes, speaks and teaches courses on topics of self-mastery like Gratitude, Transformation and living a created life.