12 Habits for an Effective Daily Gratitude Practice - A Cheat Sheet

If you've followed my work for the last few years, you know that Gratitude has played an increasingly bigger role in my life. From my business and relationships, to even my health and ability to remain creative - building a Daily Gratitude Practice has been absolutely integral to enjoying what I enjoy now.

It's not always easy and, even though I blog and podcast about this stuff on a regular basis (heck I even started the flourishing Daily Gratitude Practice Facebook Group) - there are days that truly challenge everything I've learned.

But if it is one thing I've learned, it's that your practice is everything you've got.

At the end of the day you will always be sidetracked, challenged and otherwise distracted from the stable, comfy routine and structure you establish. But, that's OK, because that structure, if powerful, is also flexible. Just like a muscle's power, the ability for a routine, practice and framework of life to withstand changes is its true measurement.

In this sense, building an effective Daily Gratitude Practice is key to helping you manage your stress, deal with your negative emotions and just simply not go off the deep end when life inevitably does.

When I create my book and personal development course, The Gratitude Map, I wanted to put literally everything that I had learned into one fun and simple resource. The book is an adventure, something you can live and apply to your own life - one of those things being the creation of your very own, custom Daily Gratitude Practice.

By guiding you through each step, you'll pick 3 from the cheat sheet above and craft a lifetime of appreciation. The book, and even a few training materials, are totally free.

Check it out at www.TheGratitudeMap.com and start building a new life today.

See you in the group,


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