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139: Mind to Matter with Dr. Dawson Church

The idea that our mind creates the world around us is as old as time, but it's not until recently that science has brought the objective to this traditionally subjective area of thought.

In his new book, Mind to Matter, Dr. Dawson Church highlights fascinating case study after case study of how we not only shape the world around us (including our bodies, health, wallet and relationships) but how we can take control of our lives through simple and effective tools like tapping, "ECO" meditation and much more.

In this interview, I'm blessed and honored to unpack some of these amazing concepts with Dr. Church himself. We talk about healing, brainwave entrainment, fields, consciousness and the non-local mind and so much awesome stuff.

It was truly an amazing interview and one that I feel barely scratched the surface of this vastly interesting realm. If you are a fan of quantum physics, spirituality, new age or just plain awesome science stuff - Dr. Church will delight and educate you in this conversation on how we shape reality with our minds.

You can check out the full interview (as well as Dr. Church's book and resources) in the links below and share it with anyone that may benefit from this powerful conversation.

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