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174: Skyrocket Your Business Growth with Kas Andz

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to scale your business with a remote team?

Are you a solopreneur that is getting overwhelmed and wanting to delegate your work so that you can grow?

Maybe you haven't made the leap yet into owning your own business but you're considering it.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, today's inspiring guest on The Dance of Life Podcast will share with you some tools to take the action required for that next step.

My guest, Kas Andz, is the CEO and founder of an award-winning agency based in London that pours rocket fuel on business growth. He's also a marathoner, high performance entrepreneur and - the best part - he's only 21.

Living life "full out" is Kas' motto after several long years of depression and failure, which motivated him to bootstrap his current company and live a life of meaning and contribution.

In this episode we discuss everything from his journey through those painful years to how to automate more parts of your business, grow and train a team as well as what it means to truly be successful.

Check out today's inspiring episode in the link below and comment below what you got out of it most.

(NOTE: This episode is rated Explicit for language)

174: Skyrocket Your Business Growth with Kas Andz

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