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176: Smile for Success with Will Revak of

For many of us, our oral health routine consists of haphazardly brushing our teeth (hopefully) twice a day and going about our business. We pile chemicals and junk food into our mouths without thinking twice about it and we visit the dentist for a cleaning twice a year.

The mouth isn't on an equal priority to our abs, butts or skin and this is because of a serious "psychic disconnect" as my friend Will says in our interview. What this means is that we just don't prioritize the health of our teeth, tongue, gums and mouth as being that important or relevant.

But you know what?

You'll be shocked to hear a statistic at the very beginning of this week's episode in the pre-interview discussion about the percentage of cancers linked to the health of the mouth.

Take a wild guess right now before you listen, what do you think it is? 50% 75%? It's actually higher, and the source is a well renowned oncologist.

One thing in my own life that I've had to learn is to appreciate my mouth more. I use it to talk to you on the show, afterall :) But really - your mouth requires a lot of care to look, feel and operate at it's best.

It's also the first point for your digestion, which is one of the key pillars of good health. Skipping good care of your mouth doesn't mean just bad breath, it may actually kill you in the long run.

Today's guest has me very excited, because we get to unpack some awesome topics on oral health and really share some great knowledge and resources with you. I've known about Will and Susan for a while myself, as I've used their "Shine" and "Healthy Mouth

Blend" to help my own oral health journey come forward.

Last year I thought to reach out to Will for an interview because, with my new focus on health in the podcast, I knew that oral health was something a lot of people miss.

So, get ready for some awesome stuff because you're about to take your oral health to the next level with this episode! You can listen below and, as a loyal listener of the show, you have access to a secret page where you can download a bunch of free resources and even score a 10% off coupon to get started with Will and Susan's amazing products.

Your Secret Oral Health Page & Resources

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