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180: Addiction, Recovery & Fearless Happyness with Max Nijst

Addiction. Relapse. Struggle. Purpose.

My inspiring guest's story today will take you through the depths of a topic that we don't talk about too often, but that is so real and dangerous in today's over-stimulated society.

Max Nijst is an author, speaker and Substance Abuse Counselor and recently celebrated the release of his first book, "Fearless Happyness." In it he details his battles with addiction, hard-won life lessons and the hope that exists for anyone struggling on a similar path.

Today's episode is explicit and goes into some darker territory. Max's story is very powerful, and also inspiring. If you know anyone struggling, please share this episode with them as we discuss many aspects of addiction, recovery and hope.

Enjoy, and remember there is always someone out there to lend a hand and support you no matter what you're going through.

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