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185: Create a Fit Infused Life with Nancy Schwartz

Today’s inspirational quote is, “I will not let age change me, I will change the way I age” and my amazing guest, Nancy Schwartz, could not be a better example of how to implement this maxim into your own life.

There are many aspects to a long and fulfilling life that require our constant attention and practice: eating healthy, having good relationships, managing our stress levels, and many others. But “health” also means mental health and spiritual health, too.

Is your life full of purpose? Are you authentically pursuing your path? Are you true to yourself? Do you take the time to care and love yourself? Are you disciplined? Are you confident?

These are the types of questions we unpack today in our conversation on how to create a “Fit Infused Life” – a simple concept that being “fit” in life means more than just hitting the gym, but working all 3 aspects of your being to their maximum.

Listen to the full episode in the link below, and if you want to get in touch with Nancy you can follow her using the links provided.

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Instagram: @fitinfusedlife