189: Building a Healthy Life with Justin Nault

What does it take to build a healthy life?

Do you have to eat “keto” or “paleo” or do intermittent fasting? What about taking supplements or strenuous exercise?

We live in a world where losing weight and being healthy is not a simple task, but one coordinated operation that takes mindful, intelligent decisions.

And today my guest on The Dance of Life has made a massive impact in the world by helping people exactly with those decisions.

Tune in as I sit down with Justin Nault of Clovis Culture to talk everything from fad diets like “Internet Keto” to intermittent fasting, counting your calories vs. eating intuitively and the importance of your mindset and beliefs over going hardcore at the gym.

Justin also shares what got him into nutrition and the journey he has led today helping thousands lose weight and building a nutrition empire, as well as some valuable tips on how to truly build a healthy life.

Listen to the full episode below and make sure to download Justin's free e-books for listeners of today's podcast here.

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