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191: Manifesting Miracles & Conscious Creation with Irene Hammond

What does it take to live a conscious, intentional life?

Can we truly create miracles by harnessing our faith, mind and Gratitude?

Today my amazing guest, Irene Hammond, thinks so and her story of becoming a successful coach, author and real estate agent from growing up with dyslexia is one that will inspire you to see what’s possible in your life.

Her motto is “Life comes to me easily” and in this episode we talk about the many obstacles people have to truly making their lives easy, attracting the things and people they want in life and manifesting miracles.

Irene’s success in life has come from practicing a very specific skill, and in this episode we’re going to discover how you too can apply it into your own life to manifest miracles.

Listen to the full episode in the link below and make sure you catch Irene's Manifestation Made Easy video series here.


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