194: The Science & Benefits of Gratitude with Staci Danford

If you’ve followed my work, you know that Gratitude is one of the pillars of my life philosophy. Its importance from everything to your relationships and health all the way to your finances and sense of fulfillment cannot be overstated.

Put simply, if you want a great life then you’ve got to practice Gratitude.

Well, imagine my excitement when I got to sit down with today’s inspiring guest on The Dance of Life Podcast and unpack the neuroscience and psychology of this timeless practice. My guest is Staci Danford, a speaker, author and neuroscientist focusing her entire life’s work on spreading the Science and Benefits of Gratitude.

We talk about the obstacles people face today, as well as how the brain works and can be changed through the things you think and do on a regular basis. Staci shares a profound story about how she started walking on her current path over two decades ago and we even discuss how to hack your mind’s “feel good” chemicals on a daily basis.

Listen to the full episode, and don't forget to checkout Staci's site and get 10% off her Chemical Soup online course program.

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