196: Journey to Optimal Health with Doug Grant

With everything that's been going on this year, health has been a huge focus of mine on the show. Even before all of the panic, as an athlete I always was looking to take my performance to the next level and stay focused, energized and productive for my goals.

Well, imagine my thrill when I got to sit down with someone that's played a huge role in that health journey over the last 15 years!

His name is Doug Grant, and he started a company (and mission) called Optimal Health.

So, what does it mean to live in "Optimal" Health?

Join me today as I sit down with Doug to find out. Doug’s company is leading the way in research based nutrition and health strategies and has impacted the lives of countless people and health clinics worldwide.

On today’s episode of The Dance of Life, Doug shares his story of how he became interested in nutrition, developed it into a passion, got hired as a nutritional coach for the NBA and started his successful supplement company.

We also talk about what the basics are for living life at our best from a health perspective and discuss several components of good nutrition and their misconceptions like enzymes, vitamins, alkalinity of the body and the antioxidant craze.

It's a valuable conversation for your own journey to being the healthiest possible, so I'm super excited to share it with you. Check out the episode in the link below and don't forget to access Doug's Special Flora Blitz 100 for all listeners of the podcast.

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