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204: The Art of Anti-Aging Dentistry with Dr. Koroush Maddahi

What if I told you that there’s way more to your oral health than brushing your teeth twice a day, getting a cleaning every 6 months at your dentist and flossing or rinsing occasionally?

For most people, this where the effort and attention stops, but today my guest will shed some light on a the vital and dynamic role our mouths play in our overall health - and why there's so many more components to oral care than you previously may have thought. Dr. Koroush Maddahi is Beverly Hills “Smile Transformation Expert” and author of Anti-Aging Dentistry, and he joins me today on The Dance of Life to discuss the impact of our diet, behavior, bite alignment, toxins and the oral microbiome have on our quality of life. It’s a truly fascinating conversation and one that I hope will inspire you to take your oral health to the next level.

You can listen to the full episode in the link below and once you do, share your biggest takeaway from today's conversation:

>> Check out Dr. Koroush's Website for Lumineaux Oral Essentials discussed in the episode


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