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206: Mindful Fitness with Brock Armstrong

Fitness and diet are not isolated experiences but rather deeper reflections of our mindset, beliefs and habits.

Today my guest on The Dance of Life is an athlete, coach and fitness writer who has inspired countless people to live a healthy life connected to themselves and in alignment with what truly matters.

In this powerful conversation, you’re going to learn that some of the most important aspects to living a healthy life are less the exercises you do or the amount of calories you eat, but rather learning to listen to your body, use intuition to guide what you eat and how you work out and rely less on discipline and motivation and more on fulfillment and fun because life is a long haul that needs to be meaningful.

Brock shares some truly amazing insights from his many years of experience in the fitness space on how to live a balanced, healthy and enjoyable life no matter what your goals.

You can listen to the full episode in the play button below, and make sure to check out Brock's 7 Day Mindset Reset video series free for any listeners of this podcast.

>> Brock's Website