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209: Wired for Success with Dr. Aimee Sanchez

What does it mean to be a good leader? How do you break through the self-limiting wall of your mind and demand success because you’re totally worth it? Join me today as I sit down with my friend and amazing guest, Dr. Aimee Sanchez. She’s a neuropsychologist, best-selling author, executive coach and inspiring leader who wants to help you wire yourself for the success you deserve.

Dr. Sanchez has dedicated more than twenty years of her career to studying, understanding, and creating solutions to assist high achievers reach their maximum potential. Dr. Sanchez’s business is geared toward serving high achievers and leaders in business and in life by utilizing key strategies to achieve mastery in mindset, rewire their brains, improve communication, enrich relationships, and, eventually create a legacy of sustainable wealth, happiness, and life fulfillment.

Her cutting-edge approach is built on principles of neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive therapy, leadership, and coaching. Dr. Sanchez is a Forbes Coaches Council Member, Certified Executive/Success Coach; and, her work has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, A/E, and Bravo.

I’m super excited to have her on the show today so she can share her wisdom about career advancement, professional growth and seeing your own worth.

Click HERE to register for Dr. Sanchez Career Success Workshop mentioned in the episode (September 29th)