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210: Living Well with Alexa Rebecca

If you struggle with a chronic condition, anxiety, pain, fatigue or are unhappy with your body, my guest today hears your pain.

Her name is Alexa Rebecca, and she’s a certified health coach that believes in the power of food to heal and in the magic that’s possible when you align your life.

Today I sit down with Alexa and we chat about how she overcame her rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with healthy mindset and eating principles, as well what she did to conquer her anxiety and low self-worth.

The outside is a reflection of the inside, and how we feel about our bodies is often tied to what we believe about them in the background. In this episode we dive into some great strategies on how to manage the amazing gift of our body, but also why it’s so important to make sure the internal stuff works well, too.


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