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211: Leadership & Successful Thinking with Corey Jahnke

Are you struggling with burnout or just feeling stuck or lost?

I know for me burnout has been an issue I’ve had to work through many times, and resilience today is one of the most important topics in professional development. Today I’m excited dive into this topic with my friend and special guest, Corey Jahnke.

As a community pharmacist for 30 years, Corey has made his business about asking questions instead of telling people what to do. As a result, Corey learned that some people are out there just killing it, while others, lots of others, are quietly and desperately getting killed. Corey's life mission is to take what he has learned from those who are crushing their dreams and goals and share their secrets with those who have gotten crushed by life and are desperate for answers.

Corey is the author of “The Successful Thinker” and is a master of communication, service and leadership in the workplace. We dive into his own story of recovering from burnout, as well as what he calls “The Seven Laws of Leadership” and how you can implement them in your own life and career.

Link to get a copy of Corey's Book "Successful Thinking"