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212: The Power of Tenacity with Ron Coury

If it’s one thing that’s certain, it is that life is never short on challenges and lessons. But how we respond to these lessons is the ultimate determinant of our success, happiness and quality of life.

Today I want to share with you the story of my friend Ron Coury, an inspiring businessman from Las Vegas with many life lessons to offer on persevering through challenge. Ron was in the marines, and has had an extensive career as an entrepreneur creating multiple successful businesses.

It wasn’t easy, though, and his story of surviving one of the most difficult types of cancers – esophageal cancer – and dealing with political corruption, death threats and other challenges along the way is one that will inspire you to push through whatever situation you’re dealing with right now.

In this interview, we chat about Ron’s new book, “Tenacity,” and what made him successful as a businessman. We also chat about his experience surviving cancer and some of the biggest life lessons he learned from all of his hardships.

Link to get Ron's new book, "Tenacity"