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213: Biohacking, Chakras and Transformation with Tricia Reid

Today I want to share with you a totally fun and awesome stream-of-consciousness talk with my friend and coach Tricia Reid. It’s not often that I have guests ask me in-depth questions about my life, so Tricia and I go back and forth on a lot of things with both of us opening up about our lives, what we’ve learned and some really interesting biohacks and strategies to live a better life.

Tricia is a Self Love Activist via the human systems. She has been a coach since 1998 by way of being a hairdresser, ex-salon owner, mom of 2 young adults, a Rotarian, Ex- PTA president, Self Love Mentor, an ex-wife, a tri-parenting post divorce expert, Anusara Yoga mentor and Human Potential Coach.

Tricia integrates her life experiences and variety of trainings into a novel approach with her clients, and her intuitive sense of flow guides her in creating authentic and compassionate space for others.

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