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214: Communicate like a Buddhist with Cynthia Kane

After losing the first love of her life, my guest embarked on a quest of self-discovery and mastery of her emotions. Today, many years later, she has written three best-selling books on communication and mindfulness and has taught over 50,000 people the principles of meditation, effective communication and living in the present moment.

Super excited to have meditation and communication expert, Cynthia Kane, share her wisdom with us today as we unpack some powerful topics like how to be more present in everything that you do, how to meditate, how to enjoy your life more and, my personal favorite: how to sidestep your emotions in a difficult conversation by learning to listen to your body.

Cynthia’s work has appeared in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Yoga Journal, Self Magazine, and Woman’s Day Magazine, and she guides students to living a more mindful life through her Kane Intentional Communication Method program.


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