219: Functional Nutrition & Health Testing with Nichole Herms

If you’ve followed me, you know that I love to nerd out on nutrition, supplementation, biohacking, health testing and everything in between. Well, today I have a super special treat to share with you as I sit down with one of SpectraCell’s researchers Nichole Herms. Nichole has been working for SpectraCell for over 15 years, and her passion about nutrition and biochemistry is infectious even if these topics scare you.

SpectraCell is a world leader in health and functional testing, and their patented micronutrient assay is one-of-a-kind that I use and recommend if you want to live in optimal health, keep track of your supplements and truly understand your body.

Today I pick Nichole’s brain about literally everything under the sun in this topic, so you do not want to miss it and make sure you take notes!

SpectraCell Testing Website

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