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229: Podcasting & Entrepreneurship with Travis Brown

Travis Brown is the creator of the Podcast Builder Club and is included in the Guinness World Records for speaking at PodFest Virtual Summit on August 11, 2020. He is also the founder and chief podcast producer at Podcast Buddy, an agency that helps business coaches and influencers to launch, grow, and monetize their podcasts. With an audio engineering background, he's launched over 100 podcasts for clients, edited over 1500 episodes, and has over 2 Million downloads with his clients at his agency. Aside from inventing the Pod Decks, a tool of unique ideas for episodes and podcast interview questions that help podcasters set themselves apart, Travis also has a coaching program to help future podcasters launch successfully and for current podcasters to optimize their shows. Over the last decade Travis has built several online businesses that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and studying trends, strategies, and business is definitely one of his passions.


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