240: What You Didn’t Know About Copper with Charlie Barker

Charlie Barker is a US patent holder of the world's first bioavailable copper. He is certified in Microscopic Live Blood Analysis of Enzyme Potential, a Live Blood Consultant using Living Foods as Nutritional Medicine, trained in Biological Flow Systems Auditing Concepts & Methodologies for Practical Application, ZYTO Biofeedback certified, EVOX certified, an Advanced Practitioner in Ourcoalition.org, Applied Microscopic Technology for Health Education & Audit Processes. He obtained his high school and college education in Tucson, Arizona and has a background in sales and marketing. Today he’s living his passion: trying to copy mother Nature in mineral nutrition. He enjoys spending time in his laboratory working on mimicking mother Nature's compounds and then watching the compounds as they are introduced to living cells. His product company, MitoSynergy, delivers the world’s first bioavailable copper for human nutrition and optimal health.


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