242: The New Rules of Business with Patti Mara

Patti is the owner of Maranet Inc. and creator of several business programs like Breaking Through BarriersTM, Profit GeneratorTM, and The Business Reinvention BlueprintTM. Her passion is helping people find the right perspective – which in turn helps them generate extraordinary profits. Patti is an expert on perspective and spent over 25 years helping companies and individuals take a fresh look at the way they operate. This unique insight helps them to reach their full potential: enhancing customer experiences and dramatically increasing customer retention, growth, and profit. She is also the author of UpSolutions – Turning Your Team into Heroes and Customers into Ravings Fans. In her coaching and her business, Patti Mara is always looking for the “shifting point”—the piece of the puzzle that opens up a new level of results. Patti’s passion is helping people find the perspective that will enable them to generate extraordinary results. In the midst of challenging times, her focus is enabling companies and teams to use crisis to reinvent and future proof their business.

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