244: Aging & How to Stop It with Dr. Sandra Kauffman

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann is the creator and author of the Kaufmann Protocol: Why we age and how to stop it, the world's first scientifically organized methodology for decelerating the aging process. In her spare time, she is a pediatric anesthesiologist and an outdoor enthusiast. She is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and has recently received an accolade from the American Health Council as "Best in Medicine," she is a certified expert on the science of medicine, and specifically anti-aging. She is also the founder of The Kaufmann Anti-aging Institute, a forward-thinking educational company with the overarching goal of educating the general public on why we age and how we can minimize the effects of aging to live longer, healthier lives. The Kauffman protocol, which has both a book and app on the market, is the product of this and is underpinned by Sandra's longevity and cellular biology expertise.


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