249: Secrets of Aging Well with Martin Pazzani

Martin Pazzani is Founder/Chairman of Activate Brain & Body, and author of "The Secrets of Aging Well: Get Outside” a book that is about why hiking is the fountain of youth. He has been called a Swiss Army Knife of marketing and strategy expertise who after decades of corporate leadership -- CEO / Chief Marketing Officer / Strategist -- with big corporations and ad agencies, is now applying the skills honed across many industries and 5,000,000 air miles across 7 continents as a serial entrepreneur. He’s on a mission to re-engineer the fitness business as upstream preventive healthcare via his expertise in brain health, and in so doing, radically improve the trajectory of aging. His book (Secrets of Aging Well: Get Outside), company (Activate Brain & Body), and webinars/talks on longevity are expressions of this mission.


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