253: Music & Mindfulness with Singer Fia Forsstrom

Based in the countryside north of Stockholm, Fia Forsström (known mononymously as Fia) is a folk pop singer/songwriter who with her inspirational lyrics, empowering songs, and catchy melodies quickly enchanted hearts all over world with the release of her solo debut ”Made of Stars” in 2016 which was crowdfunded together with her fans. Building a solid platform through social media and word of mouth, Fia took her place as one of the leading voices on the motivational music scene with ”Legacy of Light” (2017) and ”Waterfall of Wisdom” (2019), both of them recorded and released with the help of her loving listeners. In 2020, her music was featured in a meditation app developed by the University of California Santa Barbara Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential, bringing her songs to high school students all over the US.


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My film, Forbidden Fruit: The Greatest Lie Ever Told is out now and available for viewing. Watch the trailer below: