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255: Money Mindset with Mary Tringale

Mary is an Accountability & Mindset Coach who specializes in money mindset. After her own life changing transformation, she was able to find grace through grief and turned financial struggle into a new empowering opportunity through the founding of the Aligned & Empowered Project, a 16-week group coaching program that helps women implement daily habits that lead to massive impact. Mary currently resides in Portland, Maine where she works full-time as the Events and Sponsorships Manager at WinterKids. Prior to Maine she worked in the Magazine industry for 7.5 years in New York City, where she landed after college in her hometown of Boston. Mary was the founding President of the Maine Women’s Conference and continues to help others create life changing experiences through 1:1 coaching and support. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast dedicated to walking outside every day, no matter what. She also enjoys skiing in the winter and kayaking in the summer.


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