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262: Productivity & The Divine Feminine with Lucas Root

For over 17 years Lucas led numerous operations teams for various corporations on Wall Street for mergers and acquisitions. After establishing a consistent track record of success, he started his own consulting business and left his corporate job. Since then, he’s worked with some of the world’s strongest brands, including Wells Fargo, AIG, Bird, and the Pokemon company, with whom he is still working. A little over a year ago, he felt called to begin sharing his experience and approach to a wider audience; and this led to speaking and business mentoring. He’s spoken to numerous audiences in North America, Australia, and Europe on topics of working from home and how to build the skills, routines, and toolsets into your day to create and sustain productivity in whatever you’re doing. Lucas is also the co-founder of the Goddess Provenance program that helps people tap into their divine feminine and masculine energies, hone their intuition and embody healthy feminine empowerment.


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