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263: The Mind-Body Connection with Dr. Sam Gerstein

As former Chief of the Emergency Department, Dr. Sam saw the toll work stress takes on people’s health. He then pivoted his practice to focus on the total Mind-Body – the mental & emotional aspects of health. In the last 12 years he has helped entrepreneurs-at-heart to first manage their work stress and burnout, and then guided them to move out of jobs they hated and discover and start their own custom-fit businesses. In his highly acclaimed book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders, Dr. Sam highlights the stories of 40 people who overcame their fears to start their own businesses. He has shared his passion of redefining work on Slice TV and Zoomer Radio. As a Business Strategy Coach, he has now created online programs to help even more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-at-heart overcome the blocks that have been preventing them from successfully pursuing their own side hustles and businesses.


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