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7 Simple Ways to Transform Your Life

A classic reminder of Transformation

Transformation is a passion of mine. Ever since starting my podcast, I have been on a quest to research it, define it and understand it in my own way so that I could better help people in the work that I do.

When I had to initially pick the “category” for my podcast, I looked in detail but couldn’t find the word “Transformation.” I saw words like “Self-Help,” “Spirituality & Religion,” “People & Blogs,” and so on. Transformation was something that got everyone’s attention, yet there was no category for it.


To many this word invokes some far off spiritual idea or fantastical Oprah episode. I don’t think it has to be that grandiose. I think transformation can be something as simple as making your bed in the morning or sharing something personal with a friend.

It doesn’t have to be froufrou and out there, so I set out on a goal to prove otherwise through a series of interviews titled, “What is Transformation?” The point? To engage all kinds of people in an everyday conversation about their life and work so that the dimensions of what transformation is would be made available to anyone listening regardless of their involvement with it in their own life.

Over the course of a few months, I held dozens of interviews with people from all walks of life — artists, dancers, entrepreneurs, even an orthodontist. I wanted to ask them about the transformative aspects of their work both in themselves as well as the impact on their clients.

What was their experience of meaningful change? How did they perceive transformation?

Personal growth and transformation is not a new thing to me — I’ve taught over 10,000 lessons in my career as a professional ballroom dancer and competitor and each and every one of those lessons required goal planning, motivation, overcoming obstacles and many other typical “personal growth” stuff. I’ve helped to organize a successful non-profit event centered around transformation and I’ve written several books from my many experiences in personal growth seminars, energy and healing retreats and competing as a professional athlete.

Yet, despite all of this interest and experience — there is always something new to learn.

What’s also interesting is that the level of surprise with what you learn is also determined by the level of openness to the situation.

This is a difficulty as we amass experience in a particular domain, yet it is the character trait that keeps the greatest minds curious and hungry for novel information and, consequently, pioneers in their respective fields.

So, what is transformation? When and where does it happen? Well, thanks to the many inspiring interviews I had, I put together a list of 7 easy ways to identify and create it in your life.

Here’s the best from what I’ve learned in my own journey as well as my talks with some amazing and successful people over the last few months.

#1: When You Give Up Something

Letting go and giving something up are probably one of the most common and immediate ways we think about transformation. Attachment to results, perfectionism, expectations of others and ourselves, resistance — these are common obstacles on the path toward living a created life and they are transformed by the art of letting go. I use “art” because it is definitely a matter of continued practice and refinement.