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9 Reasons Why You Should Supplement

One way or another we all end up taking pills, make them good ones!

In this article you will learn:

  • Why supplementation is not an option (but a must) for longterm optimal health

  • The importance of quality, nutrient relationships and many other factors

  • How to construct a simple, safe and effective nutritional program for yourself

Lazy Reader's Section:

Food is not what it used to be, nutrients have antagonistic relationships with each other, the world is full of toxins that deplete your body, your genes suck just like everyone else's, anti-nutrients in food limit what you get, the level of stress you have on a daily basis can impact your demand, not all supplements are created equal, your health goals may be different and demand more nutrition and it is impractical to get certain nutrients from food alone.

For the last 15+ years, I've trusted the majority of my supplement decisions to one of the top clinical brands in the US, Optimal Health Systems. Because of my relationship with Optimal, everyone who is part of my community can obtain a 10% off discount using a special promotion code. You can check out my Top Picks and get your code here.

Lazy Author Alert:

This article is based on 16 years of biohacking and nutrition research, if you want you want the full gory details then grab yourself a copy of my book, Dance Your Way Through Life: A No Bullshit Guide to Hacking Your Body, Mind & Soul for Success. It comes with a 30 minute session with yours truly to talk about your goals, 1500+ scientific references, action plans on everything (including supplementation) and a really cool picture of me on the front.

The Details:

First, we have to clarify something I stated above: that supplementation is not an option for longterm, optimal health. Notice two important words here: "longterm" and "optimal." Can you live a healthy life without supplementing? It's possible. Can you live a long life without supplementing? Absolutely. Can you live a long and healthy life without supplementing? Even this is a yes, but remember that health is a numbers game, and by the end of this article you will realize why even though the answer to this last question is still "yes" - it still may behoove you to include targeted, intelligent nutrition in your life so you can maximize your odds.

In the end it is not about how long you live, but rather the quality of your life. This is your "healthspan" - or how long you live a healthy life. Being free of pain, restriction, disease, dysfunction and suffering are absolutely priceless. To grow old is a gift, because we gain what can only be gained with time - wisdom. Unfortunately, the body has to deal with thousands upon thousands of attacks every day, and that wisdom soon disappears in the shadow of degenerative diseases and aging. Slow down your aging train and become intentional with your nutrition instead, and you will reap the rewards of both wisdom and health.

A note about diet before we jump in:

What you eat is first and foremost the priority. You can supplement all day long, but if you're eating garbage this is a problem. In my book I go over all of the main principles of how to choose healthfully, heal your relationship with food and align your body for optimal health through what you eat. Start there, and then begin creating a nutrition plan based on what you learn here and what is relevant to you.