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132: Awakening Global Consciousness with Scott & Marla Berger

Scott & Marla Berger helping to awaken the Global Consciousness

What I thought would just be a cute present for my mom's 70th birthday opened the door to a world of transformation, love and inspiration.

It was sometime in May and, after buying my mom an intention stick through the Tree of Life Movement, I shortly got a call from one of the founders, Scott. When Scott first called me, I had been getting so many spam calls that I almost didn't pick up the phone.

Luckily I did, and after a warm and genuine conversation about who I was and what I did, we bounced into Gratitude, spirituality, consciousness and all that awesome jazz. If you're in the know, and by "know" I mean in that vibration, you just know what I'm talking about right now.

A day later we decided to meet up - I'd give him a copy of my new book, The Gratitude Map, and he'd give me my mom's stick with a blessing.

Like old souls, we hugged as if we'd known each other for years - Scott's genuine warmth and open heart was palpable and we covered the gamut of everything from quantum physics to spirituality, numerology and divine timing. Indeed, it was divine timing in many ways and, just a few weeks later, I met again with Scott and his amazing wife Marla to interview them for the show.

It's rare to see, at least these days, such a united husband and wife team with a focused vision of improving the community at large with what they do. I was inspired by the Bergers' vision for the future, and their Tree of Life Movement - as well as honored to receive a stick myself as a reminder of the power of my heart, intentions and consistently getting back to what we believe.

Scott and Marla are the type that you could talk to for hours, and it goes the same way for writing about them too. I'll keep this short and sweet because the interview speaks for itself. Today we live in a world that is equally promising and equally terrifying, with a division between these two growing larger and larger as time goes on.

What that means is that it is up to us to ensure the future of our planet, of our community and our species through the consciousness we bring into being. This starts with the everyday person, with our thoughts, with our practice of Gratitude and love, with our mindfulness of intentions and with our conscientiousness.

If these things are important to you, and I know they are because you're here, listen to my interview with the Bergers on Awakening Global Consciousness and the Tree of Life Movement. It was an absolute blast of a conversation that promises a new level of Awareness no matter who you are.

Plus you can learn where to get yourself an awesome intention stick like the good looking guys in this picture: