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Choreograph Your Life Through Timing, Dynamics and Presence

Dance Your Way Through Life with Grace & Power

For a full discussion on this topic, you can listen to the podcast episode here. I cover many issues of time management, multi-tasking and productivity in this episode and they are not all encompassed here.

Imay be biased given my career as a professional ballroom dancer, but I truly believe that dancing holds in it the secrets of the Universe. It is a visual demonstration of every spiritual and energy principle that is discussed in personal development circles and I believe that it can be used as a powerful experiential tool to convey these more abstract ideas in a concrete manner.

Take for example an obvious area, like leading and following.

Learning to be a good leader on the dance floor gave me insight into leadership principles that are discussed at high levels of business training — I remember talking to one of my clients a few years back who had done some high powered consulting work and her most recent team leadership training was giving her insights into things that we had been discussing in our dance lessons for a while.

Regardless if you have set foot on a studio floor or not, though, I believe that you can dance your way through life with these principles.

What do I mean about dancing your way through life? The music will always be playing, urging you to make choices and move. The purpose of dancing is ultimately a co-creative one, it is supposed to be fun, free and beneficial to both parties.

With this principle as an anchor, I believe that you can learn to navigate life’s choreography — the things you have to do, the responsibilities you have to bear, the people you have to manage — by mastering your sense of timing, your knowledge of dynamics and your ability to be present.

#1: Timing

Timing in dancing is essential because it allows us to structure our movement at a high level. Everything that requires a high level of performance must respect a strong level of structure. The devil is in the details, and your ability to create and work with structure in your life is essential for choreographing a beautiful routine.

The Dance of Life exists in our ability to effectively manage our decisions in relation to the time that we have. In dancing, we often ask ourselves the duration of what we have to work with.

How many beats do I have? This will determine my actions.

In the choreography of life — being effective leaders and multi-taskers, we must consider similar questions alongside key principles. One of them is that of accelerating and diminishing returns — meaning, there is a warm-up period to a task as well as a burn-out period, creating an optimal working zone in the middle.

If you do not have enough time to warm-up to a task, don’t bother starting it because you will end up not finishing, poorly finishing or frustrating yourself.

Another element of managing your time is, really, managing your energy.

To be productive is to segment your time according to your attention and energy. There are many ways to use your time and if you make use of them you will always have something to do and not waste it idly. I outline a few in my podcast episode, but they are: creating, organizing, executing, learning and rejuvenating.