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4 Qualities of Good Leadership

Leadership principles are everywhere in Nature

For a full discussion of this topic, you can listen to the podcast episode here.

Dancing is a beautiful thing, and at its core I believe it is the fundamental laws of the Universe expressing themselves in front of us. How fortunate we are to perceive them in such a beautiful way — all of life’s important principles on display in a graceful and well-executed movement between two people.

I am a little biased because of my career as a professional ballroom dancer, but partnership dancing for me has been an amazing source of wisdom and life lessons in many important areas. It lead me to establish my own coaching and speaking platform as well as a podcast where I share my life lessons on and off the competitive floor.

I believe the principles I’ve learned through dance are relevant to every day life and business regardless if you have even set foot on a dance floor, and one of these areas is that of leadership.

If you want to create anything beyond the current situation of your life it will undoubtedly take an advance in leadership skills. There are many dimensions to leadership and, while I don’t hope to cover them all here (at least the ones I know), the point is that because it is such a diverse skill set — it is also one that we are continually working on.

Leadership takes many forms and doesn’t have to have anything to do with dancing, but I believe that you can dance your way through a business, a marriage, a meeting or conversation and anything in between. How do you know if you are dancing your way through it?

Dancing is a co-creative experience.

It is about having fun, building a connection, creating love, empowerment, a space for two to express and be. It is a generative thing — the ultimate goal of dancing is to produce something greater than the sum of the individual partners. This core principle is what creates the rest, with the first being that a good leader is a generative source for others.

Be Generative

Aleader is the source for others, this is what it means to be generative. You can’t be in leadership mode if you are worried, in scarcity, taking, or otherwise non-creative. As a leader people turn to you for inspiration, emotional balance, empowerment, comfort, ideas, support. In what areas can you be counted on to be a source? In what areas does your ability to generate need to be improved?

I’m grateful for my experiences with clients over the years because it taught me just how much a leader needs to constantly bring to the table. Taking clients through their first performance or competition always took an enormous effort of attention, awareness, care and motivation. You cannot have a low vibration, you must always be a source.

It is easy to fall victim to non-generating behavior like complaining, cynicism, negativity and complacency — try not to stay there too long because it’s not a place where leaders are made.

Good leaders also understand that leadership is not a singular phenomenon but a group situation. They are an empowering source for the people around them to become leaders in their own right, meaning they understand cooperation and trust.

An effective team that can juggle leadership is much stronger than one person trying to hold on to it.

Be Organized

“Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

Nature is incredibly organized and efficient, and as good leaders we should opt to mimic Her in every way we can. The ancients studied these things and, sadly, a lot of tha