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Decoding Revelation 20

Revelation 20 is one of the most famous chapters in the entire bible, known for its vivid imagery of a thousand year kingdom, of people coming to life and reigning with Christ and of Satan being bound so as to not deceive the nations any longer. Many have debated what the various pictures John saw actually mean, and depending on what you believe about these things it can drastically impact your view of the end times.

In this week's episode we will unpack in great detail what the images and symbols in Revelation likely represent. Using scripture as our guide we will come to a consistent understanding that is in alignment with everything we've covered so far in this series about the millennial kingdom, Satan being bound and the "first resurrection" that John speaks of where saints come to life and rule with Christ during His kingdom.


End Times Prophetic Timeline

Mythbusting Ancient Rome – throwing Christians to the lions



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