Episode 140: 5 Tips for Legendary Customer Service - A Case Study with AWeber

One thing I have learned to become a stickler for as a busy entrepreneur are the details.

Without proper mastery over them, things unravel fast, trust gets lost and you get overwhelmed easily.

Truly, your ability to manage the details is a key for success in anything at a high level.

When it comes to great customer service, the details mean everything.

If the goal of good service is to inspire loyalty, build trust, create comfort for the customer (notice: it has nothing to do with "getting" anything from them) - then certain key details are vital to fulfilling this goal.

These are things like:

1. Listening

2. Caring

3. Going the Extra Mile

4. And all the other stuff you've heard that's important

It's a lot like dating, or anything else for that matter. Relationships are relationships - and in an age where we are increasingly being moved apart by automation, scaling, growth and the "convenience" of technology - there are a few companies that still strive to maintain these critical, personal elements in their values and actions.

I had the pleasure and fortune of running into such a company in AWeber.

(Full disclosure: I am not getting paid or sponsored to write this post. I was truly inspired by some events that transpired in my experience with them and I believe good stuff needs to be put out there more).

It has been a crazy summer. I launched a new website, I published a book and online course and I am starting to compete professionally again in ballroom dancing.

To create, you've got to get messy first and, with all the stuff going on in the last few months, it was quite the messy ride. Between learning how to use about 12 different platforms to bring to life what I wanted to and grinding 12+ hours a day on my computer for weeks, my patience was wearing thin and fast on all the technological errors, my own ignorance and, to top it all off, horrible customer service from most of the tools I was using.

Enter a beacon of hope in this digital age through AWeber.

I was so inspired with how absolutely different their approach to customer service was that I decided to create an episode dedicated to the things that they did so well and so consistently, because service is an aspect of all of our lives - regardless if you own a business or not.

Good service is good service, and the 5 Protips I share in this exclusive episode are how you can consistently provide legendary value to anyone in your life or business.

(Hint: It's all about heart.)

PS: The icing on the cake for me with this entire experience is when they sent me a shirt signed by all of the office with a handwritten card. This is what good service looks like and it is how you get a customer (and walking billboard) for life.

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