Everyday Basics for Optimal Health

Optimal health is all about The Basics

In this article you will learn:

  • What "The Basics" of a complete nutrition program are and how to incorporate them into your routine safely

  • What genes affect your nutrition and supplementation

  • The exact products I use and where to get them, and how you can account for nearly everything for less than $10/day

Lazy Reader's Section:

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All of this information is the result of 16 years of nutrition research and experimentation, but if you want the full gory details then grab yourself a copy of my book, Dance Your Way Through Life: A No Bullshit Guide to Hacking Your Body, Mind & Soul for Success where I share over 1500+ scientific references, action plans and everything there is to know about health. It also comes with 30 minutes with yours truly to clarify your goals and set an action plan to kick ass.

The Details:

There are many places to start in the wide world of nutrition and supplementation, and health can be pretty complicated. Having a safe, effective and generalized starting point is invaluable, and this is what "The Basics" mean to me. I describe these in detail in my book, but they are 5 simple pillars that you must include for optimal health:

  1. Vitamins

  2. Minerals

  3. Enzymes

  4. Probiotics

  5. Antioxidants

This is the first principle - stick to The Basics. These are the most fundamental ingredients that your body needs to be able to do its thing, and while not the sexiest or quickest route to health - it is the safest and most sustainable longterm. Taking 5HTP (a serotonin supplement) may help your mood right now, but it is not a longterm solution and comes with potential issues because you're messing around with higher level processes (like neurotransmitters), instead of supporting your body with the vitamins and minerals (and a good diet) that will help it produce serotonin in the first place.

The second important principle is that you always want to have a heavily inverted benefits-to-risk profile. What this means is that everything you do, for the most part, should have a high amount of benefit with very little risk. It's just like investing. This skewed profile is stable longterm, and will help you avoid crashing and burning, derailing, having to restart, having to deal with other consequences, etc. In this regard, there are a few other things that I recommend to people (and use on a regular basis) that are well worth the benefits and have little to no risk. I consider these "special nutrients," and I'll share them with you in this article.

In the following sections I'm going to just blitz you with information on what to take and where to get it. I realize it's detail intensive, but once you get into a rhythm it really isn't hard. If you need help with this, jump on a 30 minute call with me and let's get you all of the support you need.

Even pills can be "whole food" or synthetic, always opt for quality


Vitamins are important chemicals that you need every day and come from both animal and plant sources. Most every vitamin has different forms, and some are more absorbable than others. In general, you want "whole food" vitamins (sourced from food, more expensive) compared to synthetic ones. Below are my vitamin guidelines, with product names and where to buy listed below.

Visit AC Grace on Amazon here

  • Take 1 of AC Grace’s mixed tocopherol product for vitamin E

  • Consider adding 1 of their tocotrienols product, but take it 2 hours apart

Total Pills per Day: 5-7

Total Cost per Day: ~$1.84 to $2.67

GENES TO CONSIDER: VDR (vitamin D), VKORC1, GGCX, CYP2C9 (vitamin K), CYP4F2

(vitamin K + E), TTPA (vitamin E), BCO1 (vitamin A), SLC23A1, SLC23A2 (vitamin C),

MTHFR (vitamin B9 + B12), MTR, MTRR, FUT2 (vitamin B12), ALPL, NBPF3, ALDH7A1

(vitamin B6), SLC52A3 (vitamin B2), SLC19A1/2/3 (vitamin B1), PANK1/2/3/4 (vitamin

B5), SLC6A19, HCAR2/3 (vitamin B3)

  • Also consider a personalized Vitamins Report on Self Decode

  • Vitamin B6 is also a cofactor in many reactions and genetic pathways. The following genes increase demand, so consider adding additional B6 in P5P form: GAD1, GAD2, MAOA, MAOB, COMT, CYP1A1, CYP1B1, CYP2D6, CYP3A4, CYP3A5

Hard to believe that, on some level, we need metal and rocks to survive


Minerals are compounds, like metals, that catalyze important reactions in your body, build tissues and have a number of roles. You need a variety of minerals, and in this article I do not talk about: zinc, copper, manganese, iron or iodine. All of these are necessary, but remember that the point of this article is to create an initial beginning, with testing, planning, learning the story of your genes, coaching and experimentation leading to a more developed routine. Copper is important, and so is iron, but taking these every day is not something you want to do unless you are testing. Magnesium, on the other hand, is something everyone should be taking every day for optimal health and has no issues.

Order the following, high quality mineral chelates at Swanson Vitamins or on Amazon.

You can also use a highly bioavailable calcium supplement at Optimal Health Systems called BonePlus.

  • Take 400mg (3-4 pills) of Albion chelated magnesium per day.

  • Take 1 Albion chelated chromium per day.

  • Take 360-540mg of Albion calcium (2-3 pills) per day.

Order boron from Hakala Labs here. Make sure to use promo code "tudor10yay" (without quotes) when creating an account before ordering.

  • Take 1 BoroTab (boron) per day

This simple protocol stabilizes your electrolytes, blood sugar and several other important pathways while you learn more about demands in other areas. Remember that this plan does not account for zinc, iron, manganese, iodine and copper – utilize the

proper health testing to determine your needs in these areas as they have the

potential for toxicity if mishandled or used longterm without awareness.

I go over all of this in great detail and research in my book, and you can always get in touch for a 30 minute chat to put this together if you