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Health: It's Not That Simple

Health is not that simple, but eating your veggies is a good start

In this article you will learn:

  • Why health is just not that simple

  • What to consider to be more detail-oriented in your quest for optimal health

The Details:

What does it mean to you to "be healthy"? For most people, if they heard the following statement it would mean the person was probably in good shape:

“I eat right, exercise and take my supplements.”

Is that it? Are we satisfied with those three basic tenets of “good health” and fitness? Just eat right, exercise and take your supplements. Is that all you have to do? As much as I fawn over simplicity, health is one of those cases where, unfortunately, it’s just not that simple.

Let’s break this statement down and examine why health is a complex choreography that is unique to each person’s life.

“I eat right.”

What does eating “right” mean to you? Does it mean eating lots of salad? Do you know what foods inflame you, even if they are so-called “healthy” foods? How are your stomach acid levels and how does that affect the types of meals you eat? Do your genes, metabolic type, gender and lifestyle agree with the level of protein, carbs and fats you are eating? When you eat, are you eating in a stressed-out state or are you eating mindfully? What is your relationship to food? What kind of anti-nutrients, pesticides, mold toxins and chemicals does your food have? How was your food prepared?

“I exercise.”

Exercising is important for health, but I would encourage you to think of it more as movement instead. The cavemen did not consider chasing their prey or hiking long trails as “exercise,” and the notion that we have to separate ourselves from daily life in order to get a “workout” is less than a century old.

That said, here are a few things to consider in the realm of exercise and fitness: Do you

have good form when you are exercising? What is the Timing of your exercising and is it in Alignment with your sleep, diet and work? Are you doing too much or too little based on your goals? Are you recovering properly? Do you actually enjoy what you are doing or is it a source of stress and obligation?

“I take my supplements.”