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How to Heal Your Thyroid: A Complete Guide

A healthy thyroid means a healthy and vibrant life

In this article you will learn:

  • The areas of focus when healing your thyroid

  • What are some of the main causes of a dysfunctional thyroid

  • What interventions and tests are important

The Details

What I will share with you in this article is very valuable, based on research and experience and will cover most of the journey of how to heal your thyroid, but know that balancing your thyroid can be a complicated dance involving many factors and everyone’s case is different.

In general, prevention is the best medicine. Even if you have a current thyroid problem, work at it with the goal of getting into preventive self-care. This means developing the habits and knowledge to deal with fluctuations, and also arming yourself with the proper nutritional and therapeutic tools to handle your specific situation. There are times when a doctor may be necessary, but remember that going to a doctor doesn’t guarantee you results either.

Today more than ever, you have access to information and tools to make a difference in your health, but if it’s too much to handle on your own then make sure you find a great functional medicine doctor with an expertise in thyroid care.

To learn to dance, you’ve got to learn how to move. Understanding the many factors that can throw your thyroid off in the first place, and what to do about them, is where we start, and there are a total of 7. To heal your thyroid and work preventively means you have somewhat of a handle on all of these areas, so get acquainted with them as well as possible and relate them to your own present life and circumstances.

1. Digestive Health

Everything is related to everything, and if your gut is leaky or you have an imbalanced gut microbiome it will affect the performance of your thyroid. Leaky gut means inflammatory triggers are getting into your blood and aggravating your immune system, and up to 20% of the thyroid hormone conversion process is done in the