Mapping the Obstacles of Gratitude: A Traveler's Cheat Sheet

As much as I write, podcast and blog about Gratitude - I still have days when I question how much I've actually learned over the years.

It's pretty crazy.

No matter what "level" you reach in life, the rule is the same: if you can't continually make a habit of checking in to what you're lucky to have, to how beautiful life really is or to just simply take some time to stop and smell the proverbial roses - you are sure to end up in what I call "The Swamp", an icky place (more like a state of being) that we are all at risk of wandering into every day if we aren't vigilant over our thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Over the many years that I've written and podcast about Gratitude, I began to see a general pattern both in myself and in others. Certain things were just consistent Obstacles in our ability to be happy, and, with more observation, this all eventually lead to my own ideas about what stands in the way between us and fulfillment.

Using the seven chakras as inspiration, plus a little psychology, philosophy and life experience, I came up with the 8 main Obstacles that, together, form The Swamp. This is a place we all wander into throughout the day and, although that's nothing to sweat about, the real danger is not realizing you're in it in the first place - wandering for too long and often losing your time, energy and effort just like you would in a real swamp.

And just like you would navigate a real swamp, having a good map makes a difference.

This was my motivation for creating a novel approach to all things Gratitude through my new book and personal development course, The Gratitude Map. In this easy and fun personal growth adventure you will:

-Learn to Navigate the Obstacles to Gratitude

-Build a Daily Gratitude Practice and

-Create Abundant Relationships for Life

The book and a few of the training materials, plus the awesome Facebook group, are all totally free. Get your copy at:

Happy navigating,


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