My Mom's Transformation

My Mom's Transformation

I've known my mom for, well, practically my entire life (only counting what I remember here) and for the last 10 or 15 years I have, unfortunately, seen her health slowly spiral downward. After many long, late night talks leading to only momentary motivation, lots of money spent on fad programs and frustration on both of our ends, I decided that this year I was going to try to make a difference in her life for good.

As a kid I always remembered my mom full of life and energy, maybe a little too much at times because, being an only child, a lot of it was centered on me and as we all know as kids growing up most of the time we want to shut ourselves in our rooms from all the nagging that we later understand was probably necessary.

My mom recruited me to put hundreds of flyers with her while she was trying to grow her Herbalife business back in the 90s and, while I hated it to death, looking back on it I remember how vibrant and goal-getting she was. She was a physical fitness teacher in Romania and was always going - as an immigrant here with my father they both worked hard in accommodating to their new world so that I could benefit.

Over the years many "life" things happened to my mom that you could probably relate to - she got older, hit menopause, got fired and had a hard time landing a career at an older age, lost a sense of purpose and drive and, alongside all of these social and emotional changes, the diet of home cooked meals and Eastern European cuisine comfort food certainly did not help the situation. Despite many attempts at reminding her the importance of regular physical activity, there were just too many factors in the way of "getting started" with anything and she got stuck in the archetypical "rut" we have found ourselves in from time to time.

For Christmas of 2017 I decided to try my hand at a different strategy. My friend and personal trainer, Joey, was a great guy that I knew was full of passion and motivation, as well as had good results from his experience and work as a trainer. I trusted him, and I knew he could make a difference for my mom. So, I shelled out some coin and bought my mom 5 personal training sessions, hoping that in that short time he could light a little spark and make a plan for her to continue the flame onward.

What I got instead developed into an awesome transformation project for my mom and you see it here in this post and video.

After a little minor drama with my mom wanting to quit before she even started because it was too expensive to continue, we had a good talk and resolved the situation. Joey got straight with me and said if I wanted to really make a difference in her life he needed to see her for a 90-day program where her habits could change and he could see her multiple times a week plus group classes - 5 sessions was barely enough to scratch the surface so, we discussed the plan and then I laid it out for my mom.

I made a deal - I meet her halfway and pay for the first half. That way she could get started right away and, most importantly, she would own the result at the end because she was an integral part in creating it for herself rather than someone else. Yes I was helping her, yes I decided to take this new possibility and document it and make something out of it because I knew it would be different this time and yes I wanted her to be accountable - but in the end it was going to be her journey that she could look back on and know that she took the steps herself and that was the most important part.

I won't go on much longer because, if you saw the video, then you know the deal. My mom is starting a 90-day program with one of my best friends and trainers who is awesome and she is going to train harder than she has ever trained before. She is going to tone up, lose weight, change her habits and change her life for good. At the end of it all I want to host a party at our house and throughout this whole journey I am going to post updates to my social media and blog for people interested as well as continue to thank you for your support in the meantime. Words mean a lot to her so reach out with love, if you want to write something let me know and

I'll give you a place to send it - handwritten things are rare these days but her generation is very used to it :)

Thank you for your support, for your love. This could have been just another thing that fizzled out, went unreported or had disappeared under the waves of time as unremarkable. Instead, thanks to my mom's willingness and Joey's passion for what he does, we all put our hearts together to create something and I'm grateful to share and include you in on her journey. Tune every Friday for updates here or on my social media (links at top) and help me help my mom!

Happy (early) Mother's Day!

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