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Oral Care Basics: 10 Steps to a Healthy Smile

In this article you will learn:

  • How to ensure optimal oral health regardless of your current situation

  • Where to get holistic, quality products that work

  • Some less-known aspects to oral care that are super important!

Lazy Reader's Section:

Mindful brushing and flossing, a remineralization routine that involves natural products and supplements, alongside a healthful diet and specific tools (like a tongue cleaner) all come together to prevent tooth decay and disease. All of these bases have to be covered, and my go to source for holistic dental health is Orawellness.

Lazy Author Alert:

This is a guide on basic principles, habits and products for optimal oral health. Everything here is based on extensive research, but this guide summarizes information rather than citing that research. If you want those details, read my book Dance Your Way Through Life: A No Bullshit Guide to Hacking Your Body, Mind & Soul for Success and refer to the chapter on oral health.

The Details:

It took me thousands of dollars and literally dozens of cavities to learn the simple things I'm going to share with you in this article, but today the teeth I do have left (thank goodness) are in great shape from these habits and the same can go for you regardless of your current situation.

Oral health is critical for the rest of your body. Your teeth are connected to the meridian system and also directly to the blood supply. This means that infection, inflammation or any other problem (like chemicals from implants or products you use) can all impact the health and status of your body as a whole. Bacteria that colonize your mouth can also affect other areas of your body if they grow out of control, and (so far) we don't have a way to grow teeth back.

All of these things together make teeth and oral care an extra priority for your biohacking routine and a place where you have to create much more discipline.

Taking proper care of your teeth is fairly inexpensive, but unfortunately most people don't know how to do that and this ends up being one of the costliest areas of health to intervene. Especially if you have a holistic dentist (which insurance doesn't cover), you are going to be in for a financial adventure as you realign your bite, get implants or holistic cleanings (like with lasers or ozone) and many other useful services.

The best prevention is a great routine, and in this article you're going to learn everything there is to be an oral care Superstar:

1. Try to rinse your mouth out after you eat. Tap water is great (if you trust the source) because it has minerals and is usually more alkaline, or you can use alkaline water. Eating naturally creates acidity and abrasion, and flakes of food serv