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182: Shine From the Inside Out with Summer Cathryn

What does it take to Shine From the Inside Out?

Find out in today's episode as we do a deep dive into transformation with my guest, Summer Cathryn.

Summer has a Master’s Degree of Science in Speech and Language Pathology, is an Intuitive Eating Coach, studies Accelerated Evolution and utilizes said processes in her coaching. Above all, she is in the business of Enlightenment and guides her clients to the same.

Summer is an inspiring leader and coach that has helped many clients, many of them women, transform their confidence, change their brain and regain their power mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In this episode, Summer shares her story of struggle and how she came to walk the path she is on today, and we also do a deep dive into changing your brain, intuitive eating, sexuality, empowerment and a ton of other juicy stuff.

You can listen to the full episode in the link below. Summer has graciously extended a free coaching session for anyone who mentions this episode (find her info below).

Summer's Website (for coaching)