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Should Abortion be Legal?

Okay, here we go 😅🙄🙏

Before I get into this, please keep in mind that despite whatever side you happen to be on:

1. The Supreme Court hasn’t ended abortion 2. The Supreme Court doesn’t care about abortion 3. This is yet another divisive ploy to pit people against each other and distract you from the man behind the curtain. As usual.

Now then.

I’m probably going to get a lot of needless hate for chiming in on this issue as a man, but this right here is the first problem. Being a man (or a woman) actually has nothing to do with standing up for the truth. This isn’t a gender issue, it is a morality issue – and morality requires objective standards.

(On a side note, I find it funny that the same crowd that champions gender fluidity suddenly now is very much wrapped up in a gender issue. Hmm.)

In either case, as a Christian you cannot reconcile abortion and Christianity. If you are an unbeliever, then my prayer for you is to first and foremost see the depraved state that the world (including yourself) are in by default, and why the good news of the Gospel is our only hope.

Once you see that, everything else changes drastically. With that in mind, my position is no different than what Scripture’s position is, but I can tell you right now that I was (regretfully) on the “other side” of this issue for the majority of my adult life before being born again. I once paid for an abortion because I wasn’t ready nor wanted a kid in my life, and although I wasn’t there in the medical room getting my uterus suctioned out – I still consider my actions as murder and something I heavily regret and have repented for with great anguish.

I also dated someone who had a rape baby, and as difficult as it was for her at the time – she honestly never looked back the moment she got to hold her child in her arms.

In either case, if the Gospel seems foolish to you today, then these words will also seem foolish, and probably offensive, to you. If you believe the Gospel, but you also believe that abortion should be legal, then I challenge you to continue reading because these two things are not compatible whatsoever.

Today there are many arguments for keeping abortion legal, but the strongest and most non-selfish are these four, often called the SLED test:

1. Size 2. Level of Development 3. Environment 4. Dependency

At the core of the abortion debate is whether or not an unborn child is a person. I’ll pause right here and ask you to call to mind the many times in history when similar such debates arose in society, aiming to determine whether a group of people should be considered persons deserving of rights.

Just think, and let’s recall together if at any point in history these kinds of conversations lead to anything morally productive.

The reality is that personhood is the only thing that we DO have in common. And according to Scripture, this personhood bears the image of the Creator Himself. What a profound sense of identity and importance. But how do you know if you are human or not? That’s a silly question, because the answer is a DNA test. A monkey is not created in the image of God, a human being is.

If a scientist was told to look at only genetic profiles to determine whether they were from an animal or a human - the age, size, level of development or location of these organisms would never even come into play. A fetus has a full set of human DNA at the moment of conception.

Likewise, when a murderer kills a pregnant woman today, we charge him for two killings – not one.

It is a slippery slope to draw a line in one place that you are unwilling to draw in another, and as believers of the Gospel it is impossible for us to reconcile a belief in Scripture that tells us we are made in the image of God and prized among creation, yet justify drawing the line where we see fit on what determines that special status or not. We are not God and we never will be. The SLED test encapsulates most of the decent arguments for abortion, because the majority are totally selfish or based on shifting moral ground like, “The court said it’s legal.” Oh really? So if the court legalized pedophilia, would that be morally right then too? Of course not.

But the reality is that these four arguments also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt for any reasonable person why abortion is not right, not moral and not justifiable, except for the singular and extremely rare case where the mother’s life is in danger, which I will try to address later in this.

If the fetus’ size is a problem, the question is where do you draw the line on size? Children grow and continue to grow well into their adult year. In some sense you could say that we are never done growing and constantly changing size, vertically and horizontally.

So, how can size be a measurement of personhood? The answer is that it isn’t and this is totally absurd.

In line with that, just because a fetus is developing does not mean that it isn’t human. The brain develops for decades after we are born, and so do the bones and muscles and everything else. Why is it that the line is drawn at the womb? Could you leave a newborn on a table and expect it to survive or develop into an adult? Of course not, but that’s exactly how silly this logic is.

And speaking of the womb, here’s a basic question: does the place you exist in determine whether you are a human being or not?

Hopefully your answer is no, because human beings inherently have value and are human regardless of what place they are in. Laws create precedents, and if we create the precedent that your environment determines your personhood - then we are living in an upside down world because morality isn’t based on things that change.

Lastly, just because someone is dependent on you doesn’t mean they have no personhood. How many people are in comas or need to be taken care of as seniors? Do we have the right to kill them off because they are a burden? History has already showed us this logic in full display on many occasions.

What about the will to live? Some say fetus' can't be people because they don't have the will to live or self-awareness like a "normal" human being. Is that so? Science would disagree with you, but even so: does that mean that we can kill off suicidal people because they've lost the will to live?

So you see my friend, when we drop the hubris and adamant desire to be the gods of our own little existence, deciding what is good and what is evil (sounds oddly familiar, doesn't it?), and instead we return back to what Scripture says - the answers are as clear as day.

God created each and every one of us to be special, and our DNA is the most basic thing that earns us that privilege.

God also instituted the proper way for sex and reproduction to happen: within the confines of a marriage.

This is the real problem that the liberal, woke, perverse, upside down culture needs to be confronted with. People love their adulterous, fornicating lives too much to bother with morality. Hey, we’ve all been there, but remember that when God speaks He means business. “The two shall become as one flesh” isn’t just pretty language. Today we have taken something sacred and made it self-serving, which brings forth the Pandora’s box of problems.

Why isn’t abstinence taught in schools? Why aren’t family values enforced in the media and Hollywood? Why doesn’t the government sponsor adoption instead of murder? Why isn’t the body of Christ preaching the Gospel, so that people can see clearly?

When your foundation is totally bankrupt, you cannot possibly expect fruitful results. This country, just like the world, has a moral problem because it has allowed sin at the wheel instead of God. Return the moral compass back to its center, fix the cause, and the symptoms will disappear.

There are rare cases when a woman’s life is in true danger if she has the baby, in which situation an abortion would be needed to save another life (and potentially more). In these rare cases, imagine if it was done with prayer and reverence and counseling. Imagine if they found a way to painlessly do it for the fetus, and the medical team had a prayer circle for the mother, and she got all of the community help she could.

Nobody wants to be in that situation. Not the mother, not the medical staff, but we could do way better than what we are doing today.

In Scripture we are reminded many times that God will account for these unjust cases, so there’s nothing to worry about. Even if we had these idyllic policies listed above, the reality is that we still live in a fallen world that will lead to suffering and death and disease because God’s presence isn’t fully here yet.

But what a different world that would be, wouldn’t it? I sure like to think so. Until then, the best we can do is stand up for the truth of Scripture: that we are made in God’s image and have immense value, and that sex is an intimate and special gift for a man and a woman in a loving, committed and godly marriage.

If these simple truths became mainstream, there would be nothing left to argue about.


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