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Sleep Resources: Gadgets, Therapies & Supplements

Imagine sleeping every night like this cozy kitten

In this article you will learn:

  • How to use over 20+ research based interventions for better sleep

  • Where to get the best products that I've used myself

  • How to leverage the power of genetics and testing to take control of your sleep

Lazy Reader's Section:

There are lots of natural, proven remedies to help you sleep depending on the problem. Understanding what the root of the issue is, or if it is a combination of issues, is the key for taking action. In this sense you have to test, and genetic testing can be a big help in understanding your risk factors as well as what supplements to use out of the many listed here. Other outside factors can make a big difference too, like temperature or your alignment, and having tools like formed cushions, a cooling headband or a smart mattress can be a game changer.

Finally, check out my Top Picks for sleep and obtain your lifetime 10% off code for being part of my podcast community on some of the best products for easing into a good night's sleep naturally.

Lazy Author Alert:

Everything in this article is well-documented and based on extensive research, but it is a summary of the full, glorious nerdy version I compiled in my ultimate #Hacking book, Dance Your Way Through Life: A No Bullshit Guide to Hacking Your Body, Mind & Soul for Success. If you want to access the specific citations (over 1500) and get more detail on what's presented here, grab yourself a copy.

The Details:

Sleep is the final frontier in health because we are basically unconscious while we do it. This presents a fundamental problem, though: how do you take action to improve something when you are unconscious while doing it? It's an interesting thought, and what it boils down to is that sleep can be affected only indirectly through various strategies. In this article I will explore practically every strategy I've come across in my many battles with getting a good night's sleep, but remember that everyone is different and ultimately finding a solution is a Practice more than it is one supplement, gadget or intervention.

If you're struggling with getting a better night's sleep, or if you want help implementing these strategies, reach out on my coaching page and let's get in touch.


The following are some of the best supplements for encouraging sleep onset, sustained sleep, deep sleep and regularity. They all have minimal if any side effects and few interactions, but always do your research.