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Spiritual Plumbing: A Beginner's Guide

Clear your spiritual pipes with Spiritual Plumbing and the Seven Transformations

Over the course of the last 10 years of working with people (and myself) on personal development and coaching, I found great value in principles that simplified situations and broke down complex problems into navigable, workable solutions. One of the most important of these principles was that of Empowerment.

As I got better as an instructor and coach I went from seeing the details of problems people would bring me to the underlying causes. In relation to the topic at hand, I eventually learned to pay attention to how, when, and where my clients would get empowered or dis-empowered and what that told me about how I needed to work with them or even about Empowerment as a phenomenon and how it worked.

For a full discussion on Empowerment, you can listen to my podcast episode here.

I use Empowerment as a guide because it is my gold standard for maintaining social interactions and measuring qualitative results. It is a baseline that I can always come back to, and when it comes to clearing out our Spiritual Pipes it is all about letting the power flow.

Recently, I’ve condensed all of my experiences from competing as a professional athlete and working with clients on empowering their lives into a workable system for personal development that I call The Seven Transformations. It is a system designed for “Spiritual Plumbing” — the clearing of your metaphorical energetic pipes of leaks and blockages that are draining your power so that you can create a life you love.

Energy is nothing new to me from my experiences in competitive ballroom dancing and, when I got inspired to write a book, I realized that the Seven Chakras were a simple and powerful tool that I could use to create a system of developing my own self-awareness (as well as of those who I worked with) to discover the situations and people that were robbing the power they wanted in their lives.

I call it Spiritual Plumbing. Why? Because empowerment, chakras and all those states of being like confidence, self-expression, peace, creativity and so on work just like pipes do — they can either get a leak or clog up, but when they are free and clear life is great.

It’s a simple metaphor but, like any good metaphor, it’s very effective.

The Seven Transformations are a useful structure for evaluating how you are losing power in a situation or relationship because they allow you to identify the action needed to remedy the leak or clog. There is nothing more dis-empowering than wanting a solution but being unable to create one, especially if it is due to your own ignorance or lack of resources.

So, I gathered my life experiences and came up with something that is effective, simple and — I think — very empowering.

Let’s take the 1st Transformation, for example, which is based on the first chakra. I call it “The Roots of Peace” because that energy center deals with areas of Trust and Control. Once we know the general domain of an energy center, we can understand how leaks and clogs will show up in the world, as well as what it means to have a free and clear “space” or flowing pipe in that area.

This intuitive system gives you a way to categorize and identify myriads of problems and some potential solutions without having to over-analyze anything because it is based on power. Either you are losing power due to excess or imbalanced behavior in one area (a leak in your pipe) or you are lacking power because it is not coming through due to repression of some kind (a clog in your pipe).

To continue our example — if the energy center that governs things like trust, control, safety and so on