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Structured Water: Everything You Need to Know

Care for a cup of magical structured water?

In this article you will learn:

  • What structured water is in principle and why it's important

  • What the research says for and against using it as a supplement or therapy

  • What other factors are involved in creating structured water in your body

The Details:

One of my favorite movies as a kid was James Cameron’s 1989 The Abyss. I’ll never forget the classic scene when the alien consciousness comes into their station as a “water worm” hovering around and interacting with the main characters. Not only was it a visual breakthrough at the time, as all of Cameron’s movies usually are, it was also a mind-blowing idea. The notion that an alien intelligence inhabits our planet’s oceans, uses it to take form and communicate, build technology and observe our actions was something totally fascinating to me as a young science nerd.

Yet despite this Hollywood dramatization, perhaps the idea of intelligent, alien water is not too far off. After all, some of the water on our planet is alien in nature; both in its origin from outside sources, like comets, and through some of the strange properties it has. For how simple water appears, it’s an immensely complex fluid. It is engineering perfection, and according to some people, intelligent and capable of holding on to memory.

We'll dive into some of that here, but it’s important to gain a fundamental appreciation for just how weird water actually is first. Consider the following two examples.

Recently, researchers were able to use nanotubes made of carbon to raise the pressure on water at a small scale. Normally, raising the pressure affects the boiling and freezing points, although in Nature this hardly accounts for more than a degree or so in either direction. Yet in this experiment, they were able to raise the freezing point of water above the boiling point, meaning that water was frozen, or rather solidified, when it should have been boiling using nanotechnology.(1)

If that doesn’t blow your mind, another recent study done in 2019 discovered a phase of water in the form of black, hot ice that’s 4 times heavier than normal water.(2) Even more crazy is that apparently this kind of water is the most common form in the entire Universe, making the kind in our oceans and bodies the less common version.

Furthermore, did you know that when water is in ice form, it actually has over 20 different geometric phases it can go through depending on the pressure and its surrounding conditions?(3)

It’s fascinating that so many complex properties can emerge from something so seemingly simple, but it is this simplicity which also gives water its profound characteristics and healing properties. Chemically, everyone is familiar with H2O, but what most people don’t realize is that this structure is a beautiful marvel of engineering and the principle of Duality.

On one side of the molecule (the oxygen side) it has a negative charge while on the other (with the two hydrogen atoms) it has a positive charge. These features make water molecules dipoles, or little magnets with a positive and negative side. If you’ve ever visited one of those trendy futuristic stores in the mall and played with some magnets that can self-arrange or create all kinds of interesting structures, that’s basically what