Structured Water: Everything You Need to Know

Care for a cup of magical structured water?

In this article you will learn:

  • What structured water is in principle and why it's important

  • What the research says for and against using it as a supplement or therapy

  • What other factors are involved in creating structured water in your body

The Details:

One of my favorite movies as a kid was James Cameron’s 1989 The Abyss. I’ll never forget the classic scene when the alien consciousness comes into their station as a “water worm” hovering around and interacting with the main characters. Not only was it a visual breakthrough at the time, as all of Cameron’s movies usually are, it was also a mind-blowing idea. The notion that an alien intelligence inhabits our planet’s oceans, uses it to take form and communicate, build technology and observe our actions was something totally fascinating to me as a young science nerd.

Yet despite this Hollywood dramatization, perhaps the idea of intelligent, alien water is not too far off. After all, some of the water on our planet is alien in nature; both in its origin from outside sources, like comets, and through some of the strange properties it has. For how simple water appears, it’s an immensely complex fluid. It is engineering perfection, and according to some people, intelligent and capable of holding on to memory.

We'll dive into some of that here, but it’s important to gain a fundamental appreciation for just how weird water actually is first. Consider the following two examples.

Recently, researchers were able to use nanotubes made of carbon to raise the pressure on water at a small scale. Normally, raising the pressure affects the boiling and freezing points, although in Nature this hardly accounts for more than a degree or so in either direction. Yet in this experiment, they were able to raise the freezing point of water above the boiling point, meaning that water was frozen, or rather solidified, when it should have been boiling using nanotechnology.(1)

If that doesn’t blow your mind, another recent study done in 2019 discovered a phase of water in the form of black, hot ice that’s 4 times heavier than normal water.(2) Even more crazy is that apparently this kind of water is the most common form in the entire Universe, making the kind in our oceans and bodies the less common version.

Furthermore, did you know that when water is in ice form, it actually has over 20 different geometric phases it can go through depending on the pressure and its surrounding conditions?(3)

It’s fascinating that so many complex properties can emerge from something so seemingly simple, but it is this simplicity which also gives water its profound characteristics and healing properties. Chemically, everyone is familiar with H2O, but what most people don’t realize is that this structure is a beautiful marvel of engineering and the principle of Duality.

On one side of the molecule (the oxygen side) it has a negative charge while on the other (with the two hydrogen atoms) it has a positive charge. These features make water molecules dipoles, or little magnets with a positive and negative side. If you’ve ever visited one of those trendy futuristic stores in the mall and played with some magnets that can self-arrange or create all kinds of interesting structures, that’s basically what

water does a gazillion times per second.

On a microscopic level, it’s like a bunch of these little magnets moving around, restructuring themselves and shuffling their hydrogen atoms like an unfathomably large mass of self-correcting Lego blocks; only to you and me, it just seems like a

smooth, relatively boring liquid.

Water’s simple structure and versatile nature make it ideal for life and biological systems. As we will soon see, its unique features create several intriguing functional properties in your body. It has a neutral pH (meaning it is neither an acid nor alkaline), and pure water does not conduct electricity, although it can conduct light and sound, which we will look at a little later. Water has also been called the “universal solvent” because more substances can dissolve in it than any other. In its solid form (ice) it is strangely less dense than in liquid form, which allows oceans to teem with life by

freezing them from the top down instead of uniformly.

Water is the empty canvas, the embodiment of Yin, the subtle element of space and the

Nothing upon which everything else operates. It is like the lens of your eye, ubiquitous and seemingly unimportant, and yet without it, all that is disappears. In the famous words of Nobel laureate, Albert Szent Gyorgyi, life is “water dancing to the tune of macromolecules.” What this quote refers to is that Gyorgyi was one of the first to

research something very profound: that biological systems act as complex semiconductors, with water as the medium.

Now, we know that pure water doesn’t conduct electricity, so what gives? This is true, but the water in your body, along with many of your structures like collagen and other proteins, actually do conduct electricity because of their structure and because of the presence of other things like proteins and minerals. This is a fascinating topic, and the more you explore it the more it leaves you utterly speechless at the marvel of engineering that our body is.

One thing to really get into your mind is that human life, as we perceive it through the

individual lens of a separate organism walking around, is not the apex of creation nor the highest form of intelligence out there. This old way of thinking that basically a bunch of “stupid” parts eventually mixed up through their random movements to create “smart” parts (like us) leaves little room for curiosity or humility. It’s an outdated view and one that simply doesn’t hold water (pun intended) when you actually study what goes on at a microscopic level.

An example of this flawed thinking is that cells are just these separate units floating around in your body. While true in the sense that your cells have walls and barriers designed to tightly control what goes in and out of them, this idea ignores the principle of Interdependence because in reality there is also a robust connective network between cells that’s made of proteins and other substances.

This “living matrix” is composed of your fascia, collagen and other similar proteins, and

together with water they facilitate rapid electrical communication between your cells in stunning ways.(4)

According to researcher and author of several books and articles on energy medicine, Dr. James Oschman:

“The living matrix is defined as the continuous molecular fabric of the organism, consisting of fascia, the other connective tissues, extracellular matrices, integrins, cytoskeletons, nuclear matrices and DNA. The extracellular, cellular and nuclear biopolymers or ground substances constitute a body-wide reservoir of charge that can maintain electrical homeostasis and ‘inflammatory preparedness throughout’ the organism.”

Don’t worry if half of that stuff flew over your head — it went over mine, too, when I dove into the research. The thing to get from it is that your body is not just a sack of meat with stupid stuff moving around in it, but rather some of the most complex pieces of machinery in the Universe.

Water is more than some boring liquid that’s solely there to quench your thirst, and empty space is not just some useless leftover from creation, but rather highly purposeful and full of things we don’t yet understand.

When it comes to the complex machinery of your body, the space inside your cells and in between your cells is full of proteins that conduct a light current.(5,6) The collagen that builds your ligaments is so intelligently designed that it even has piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects.(7,8) What does that even mean? Anything that is “piezo” electric accumulates a charge when mechanical stress is placed on it, and “pyro” just means “fire,” which means it can accumulate a charge when it is heated up.

In simpler terms, these parts of your body gain an electrical charge as you move

around and bring heat into your system. Congratulations, you’re kind of like a biological Rolex.

Interestingly, even DNA has been shown to act as a semiconductor,(9) and it’s been proposed that all of these various intra and inter-cellular structures act as a complex wiring system that serves multiple purposes in communication, as well as buffering disease and damage to our system as a whole.(10) Where water may play a role in all of this this machinery is the exciting area of research that has gained traction in recent years, thanks to people like Dr. Gerald Pollack and a few others. I believe their findings and perspectives are, at the very least, intriguing. Taken to their fullest extent,

it could be a revolution in health and how we perceive several fundamental biological processes.

The Magic of EZ Water

In his 2013 book, The 4th Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor, Dr. Pollack theorizes that because the surfaces of all of these proteins and connective tissues hold a charge, water that comes into contact with them on a microscopic level begins to self-organize into a more structured format. Recall the magnet metaphor and how water molecules are dipoles, constantly shifting around like a giant soup of little Lego blocks to produce what we see on a macro scale- plain old liquid water.

Now imagine that there’s a wall, also